Tuesday, October 24, 2006

french revival

I seem to be in a Paris state of mind lately (maybe it's all the Marie Antoinette mania going around). So once again let's take a culinary walk down French memory lane. In addition to my heavenly stop at Fauchon while visiting Paris a few years ago, my best friend and I also took a delicious afternoon break at the must-visit teahouse Ladurée. Favorite of favorites, Ladurée's macaroons are what makes them so very famous: crisp discs of ground almonds with a soft middle, sandwiched together with flavored cream. They're served festooned with raspberries, pistachio cream and other good things. I developed an obsession for their bitter chocolate macaroons and, of course, the ambiance and decadent decor. The years have passed and Ladurée and those macaroons still take up valuable space in my memory!

Well, it seems only right that while planning for the film "Marie Antoinette," Sofia Coppola asked Ladurée to be the movie's exclusive pastry consultants, where their beautiful creations feature prominently in many scenes. Ladurée fits in perfectly with the themes of decadence, excess and pleasure which so characterize Marie Antoinette's legacy.


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