Wednesday, October 18, 2006

haute chocolate

While vacationing in Paris two years ago, my friend and I popped into the Fauchon boutique for some yummy ooohing and aahhing. While swooning indecisively over which macaroons I would be treating myself to that day, a woman walked up beside me and ordered a Megève cake, which could only be described as a Shirley Temple explosion—a beautiful round cake piled high with hundreds of intricately crafted milky, chocolate curls. It looked almost too beautiful to eat (although, believe me, I would have). The man behind the counter told me it has been the best selling item in the store for 80 years. (Oh, man, it had to be good.) It was made of white vanilla meringue, layered with chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache, topped with a chocolate glaze and covered with chocolate curls, and finally dusted with powdered sugar. Sacré bleu! But since we were in tourist mode, trekking around the city all day, buying the cake for myself was out of the question. So when I returned home, I hit our local Fauchon to buy a Megève for myself only to find out it was only sold in the Paris location. Well, be still my chocolate-loving heart, because the NYC Fauchon has finally started offering the cake (for $70), and also offers home delivery. Vive le Megève!

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