Tuesday, October 03, 2006

throw down

Move over, cashmere! Just one touch of West Elm's bamboo cotton throw and you'll probably be petting it the rest of the day. The cuddly throws are super soft and feel like a silky cloud against the skin. They're available in ivory, jadeite (pale blue), cinnibar and espresso, and are $49 each.

Up until a few months ago, I'd never heard of soft fabrics made from bamboo. I'd only seen bamboo used for rigid, hard items like furniture. But it turns out that fabric woven with bamboo yarn is actually a great, comfy alternative to cotton and wool -- it's actually light, almost translucent, and softer than cotton. And it's showing up on everything from throws and bedsheets to workout clothes and baby duds. It has a natural sheen that feels like silk or cashmere, and is naturally absorbent and antibacterial. Bamboo is also the most sustainable of the natural fibers. It is fast-growing -- the type used for making fabric, commonly known as Moso, can be harvested many times over and it will grow again and again. And because of it's natural antibacterial properties, it needs no pesticides.


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