Thursday, September 28, 2006

bubble trouble

So, I have a holiday trip coming up soon! That's right, kids, just one more week to go until I leave for the sandy beaches of Cabo San Lucas. (Wooo!) To make my transportation-life easier in light of all the TSA restrictions on liquids, I've decided to rethink my beauty must-have's for the week. By now you know the deal -- you can only carry on minimal quantities of liquids, creams, lotions, lip gloss, whatever. All this banning business (and even worse, throwing out business!) makes this girl a tad nervous. One solution that I found? Lush's sweet-smelling solid shampoos and conditioners are TSA-friendly because they are actually solid (just like a bar of soap). They lather when mixed with water, and dry nicely to pack back up for the flight home. And they work! They're really sudsy (for the diva in me that won't leave the shower until I've seen adequate bubble-action) and smell so great. Voila -- one less thing to worry about!


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