Tuesday, September 26, 2006

under foot

I'm a big fan of Interface FLOR carpet tiles (modular pieces that allow you to create your own unique area rug), and was excited to see their first step into the world of curves. Their new Button tiles are a fun addition to their right-angle, square stock. Each button-circle is made up of four pieces (think "pizza"), which you can join together in solid or alternating color combinations (if you buy more than one circle pattern in different colors, naturally). It doesn't look like the rounded pieces can be connected with any of FLOR's square tiles (which hopefully will be their next design leap) but I like the direction they're moving in.

Another new step for FLOR appears to be carpets with borders, which I love! (The old checkerboard look is a little too dorm room chic for me.) The borders of the Lily Pad and Renaissance make the puzzle carpet look like an actual one-piece area rug -- but you still get the flexibility of creating your own size and shape.


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