Thursday, September 14, 2006

pantone on tone

If you've been having a hard time choosing the right shade of green to paint your bedroom, your work just got a lot harder! Because Pantone just announced a new line of indoor and exterior paints based on its amazing color system. They have teamed up with Fine Paints of Europe to create a line of colors that, they say, matches the paint card hue almost exactly. And the scary but amazingly cool part? There are OVER 3,000 paint colors to choose from! Egads! You could spend hours, days, weeks going through that inventory! (Scary thought for an indecisive soul like me!) Unfortunately, that much choice comes at a price. Each can is running at about $160/gallon. For those budget-minded folks like me, they're also selling affordable sample-size pots which can be used for tackling smaller projects, like repainting some cheap vases, lamp bases, a side table or some picture frames.

I'm happy to see Pantone branding itself as THE color authority in the retail world. I've been a big fan of the Pantone dinnerware collection for a while -- they're the perfect gift for anyone interested in graphic design or just loves color. Fishs Eddy has been carrying the line for years, but Gracious Home has recently picked up the collection and run with it.


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