Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ghost improved

For my birthday, my lovely, dear friends took me out for dinner and drinks at the totally cute and chic Planet Thailand 212 (aka PT212) in Gramercy. Not only is the food delicious and reasonably priced, the restaurant itself is so hip that I was making mental design notes the entire time.

The huge dining room’s green floors are hand-painted with pink lotus flowers and lily pads. Hanging lamps covered in twisted bamboo spheres resemble Buckminster Fuller domes. The kitchen is behind glass but on display so you can kinda see your meal being prepared. And as we were leaving, we noticed the interactive video art installation by Jon Kessler, which captures diners inside cut-out scenes. So cool -- it was like being in a trendy house of mirrors.

But my favorite design element of the entire restaurant? The swoon-worthy, Philippe Starck-designed orange Ghost chairs grouped around striped square tables throughout the space.

Sigh, add these chairs to my "if I win the lottery" list because each of these bad boys is about $250 each. Although Umbra's OH chairs are definitely more budget-friendly, I can't help but long for a dining table surrounded by these little guys. I may just have to pick up a lotto ticket on my way home tonight. I'm feeling lucky!


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