Thursday, September 07, 2006

runway to the hallway: jewels of the trade

Another Fashion Week has descended upon New York. (It's nothing but skinny models, spotlight-seeking celebrities and frazzled fashion editors running around the city these days!) And while I'm a far cry from a fashionista (the devil wears Old Navy, in my case), I do love seeing the gorgeous collections AND pulling out the specific trends of the season -- not because my wardrobe will be changing dramatically, but because those very same trends are usually echoed in the world of home design. One of my favorites this fall? Jewel Tones.

Deep teal, ruby, fuchsia and amethyst are appearing on everything from vases and curtains to tiles and kitchen appliances. In my experience, jewel tones work best with other jewel tones—pastels and earth tones tend to look muddy when mixed in. But if done right (and with a certain amount of moderation), the colors look beautifully rich together and make a room look very warm and inviting.

Shimmer Vases ($45-$70)

Velvet Floor Cushion ($100)

Drum Lamp ($50)

Taryn Ottoman ($300)

Tempo Velvet Pillows ($33)

Chinese Red Mirror ($150)

Organza Dinner Napkins ($22)

Sari Patchwork Pillows ($20)

Dyson DC15 ($599)

Plum Glassware ($30-$40)


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