Thursday, September 07, 2006

runway to the hallway: jewels of the trade

Another Fashion Week has descended upon New York. (It's nothing but skinny models, spotlight-seeking celebrities and frazzled fashion editors running around the city these days!) And while I'm a far cry from a fashionista (the devil wears Old Navy, in my case), I do love seeing the gorgeous collections AND pulling out the specific trends of the season -- not because my wardrobe will be changing dramatically, but because those very same trends are usually echoed in the world of home design. One of my favorites this fall? Jewel Tones.

Deep teal, ruby, fuchsia and amethyst are appearing on everything from vases and curtains to tiles and kitchen appliances. In my experience, jewel tones work best with other jewel tones—pastels and earth tones tend to look muddy when mixed in. But if done right (and with a certain amount of moderation), the colors look beautifully rich together and make a room look very warm and inviting.

Shimmer Vases ($45-$70)

Velvet Floor Cushion ($100)

Drum Lamp ($50)

Taryn Ottoman ($300)

Tempo Velvet Pillows ($33)

Chinese Red Mirror ($150)

Organza Dinner Napkins ($22)

Sari Patchwork Pillows ($20)

Dyson DC15 ($599)

Plum Glassware ($30-$40)


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ghost improved

For my birthday, my lovely, dear friends took me out for dinner and drinks at the totally cute and chic Planet Thailand 212 (aka PT212) in Gramercy. Not only is the food delicious and reasonably priced, the restaurant itself is so hip that I was making mental design notes the entire time.

The huge dining room’s green floors are hand-painted with pink lotus flowers and lily pads. Hanging lamps covered in twisted bamboo spheres resemble Buckminster Fuller domes. The kitchen is behind glass but on display so you can kinda see your meal being prepared. And as we were leaving, we noticed the interactive video art installation by Jon Kessler, which captures diners inside cut-out scenes. So cool -- it was like being in a trendy house of mirrors.

But my favorite design element of the entire restaurant? The swoon-worthy, Philippe Starck-designed orange Ghost chairs grouped around striped square tables throughout the space.

Sigh, add these chairs to my "if I win the lottery" list because each of these bad boys is about $250 each. Although Umbra's OH chairs are definitely more budget-friendly, I can't help but long for a dining table surrounded by these little guys. I may just have to pick up a lotto ticket on my way home tonight. I'm feeling lucky!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

rainy day hues

It's another dark, rainy day in NYC. Blech! And while there aren't many positive things to say about the wet-dog hairstyle I'm currently sporting, my sopping wet purse and my general anger towards people who wield umbrellas like weapons ... rainy days like this one are perfect for pulling out my favorite wellies -- Burberry's Nova Check rain boot in pink, which I proudly bought off eBay a few months ago for a steal.

And now everywhere I look, cute and colorful rain boots are brightly popping up in a sea of rainy gray ... and at prices to meet almost every budget.

Jeffrey Campbell ($50)

Pucci ($150)

L.L. Bean ($49)

Kate Spade ($125)

Target ($20)

When it rains, it pours. May as well look cute through it all!


Sunday, September 03, 2006

you've been served

We had so much fun at the US Open! It turned out to be a beautiful weather night -- no rain and plenty of clear, twinkling starry skies. And the matches ended up being better than I thought for first-round play.

And while the actual tennis was definitely fun to watch, I was also mesmerized by the amazing food options at the tennis center. Forget about those soggy hot dogs and imitation cheese nachos over at Shea! The on-site dining options in the US Open Village represent most of the globe. (Try and name another sporting event where you can choose among sushi, ouzo-marinated shrimp, carne asada, chicken tikka masala and lobster salad!) Everyone from the famed Carnegie Deli to Fulton Seafood Market to Baluchi's Indian cuisine had a booth, which was almost too much choice for an indecisive soul like me. (FYI, I went with Barilla pizza. Not the most adventurous choice, but it was easily portable and sure hit the spot.) Mind you, it ain't cheap to eat. There was basically nothing below $8, except for pretzels and popcorn for about $6 each ... but it's all part of the fun so I parted with my money quite happily. Hope I can get back to a match next week!